AA51 • Tennessee Hometown Cookbook (Electronic Download)

AA51 • Tennessee Hometown Cookbook (Electronic Download)
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Tennessee Hometown Cooks love to cook and The Tennessee Hometown Cookbook  is all about food and fun! With over 300 favorite recipes that are easy-to-follow and use ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. From Beale Street Barbecue Pork Spareribs to Chattanooga Fudge Cake, Grandma’s Onion Soup Meatloaf to Hunka Burning Love Peanut Butter Pie, Crockpot Brunswick Stew to White Hot Fish, Boiled Collard Greens to Apple Nut Bread, Beef Stew Chili to Broiled Tuna Steaks, Bacon Cornbread to Blackened Catfish, Bacon-wrapped Water Chestnuts to Applesauce Cake, Boiled Lobster to Brunswick Stew, Apple Bread, Banana Cream Pie to Broccoli & Cheese Soup, these are delicious, hometown recipes to please everyone.

You’ll also enjoy interesting food facts and stories about fun food festivals around the state such as Greater Five Point’s Tomato Art Festival whose motto is “The Tomato... a uniter, not a divider—bringing together fruits and vegetables.”

Tennessee brings to mind music and mountains, history and heritage, and good food – get a taste of it all in Tennessee Hometown Cookbook.

The Volunteer State has much to offer residents and visitors alike.  Music is an integral part of Tennessee culture -- from hillbilly music in the mountains of East Tennessee to Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame to Memphis Beale Street Blues.  Parks and the opportunity for outdoor recreation abounds with mountain hiking trails, camping, rivers, streams and lakes.  Nowhere is the history of Tennessee more apparent than Chattanooga – five major battles of the Civil War were fought in the area of Lookout Mountain.

Music, mountains, history, heritage, food and family all come together during the many festivals that are held throughout Tennessee each year.  And throughout this book, we’ve included information about fun, food-related festivals.  From the ?????? in ????? to ????? in ?????? there’s a festival to suit everyone. 

When the outdoor fun is done, a favorite gathering place for Tennessee friends and family is the kitchen.  Tennessee’s food heritage is strong…  from ???? to ????, ???? to ????, good ole’ Southern comfort food is served up on tables across the state.  We’ve included recipes using hometown favorites -- Moon Pie recipe, Goo Goo recipe, and Double Cola recipe. Throughout the generations, some recipes have evolved using  more convenient ingredients and methods…  we bring you ????  and ????, ???? and ????.   And, if that’s not enough, you are sure to enjoy such delicious recipes as ????, ????? and ?????.  etgood Food B SOUTHERN, hometown comfort food, Chicken and Dumplings recipe, biscuits recipe, cornbread recipe, barbecue recipe, desserts?  Moon Pie and Goo GooDouble Cola.  New and different recipes?  The Tennessee kitchen ... gathering place for family and friends...

Tennessee Hometown Cookbook was created for Tennessee residents, visitors, transplanted natives… anyone who wants to experience the uniqueness of the Volunteer state.  We hope you will agree this is an outstanding collection of the Best of the Best recipes that Tennessee has to offer... and that=s saying ALOT. You will want to collect the complete Hometown set. Cook like your mother and grandmother with recipes that have been passed down for generations. Great for all of those family get togethers and times when you just need something new and great to cook. Don't wait!  Get yours today!