CA07 • Mississippi Church Suppers 24-Copy Case

CA07 • Mississippi Church Suppers 24-Copy Case
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  • Item #: 978-1-934817-24-7C
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Mississippi Church Suppers Case (24 books) with 50% discount & shipping via Fedex included $282.95.

Mississippi Church Suppers 24-Copy Case ; Retail at $21.95 each.

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Mississippi Church Suppers is the ultimate church cookbook featuring favorite recipes from Baptist churches across the state of Mississippi. In addition to the outstanding recipes, each church will be featured with a full-color profile about the church letting everyone who purchases the book know what makes the church special.

Everyone knows church cookbooks always have the best recipes —those treasured recipes that have been handed down through generations of great cooks. You could purchase thouands of cookbooks to get a taste of church recipes across the state. With Mississippi Church Suppers you can now purchase one cookbook to experience the favorite recipes from churches all across the state.